Expect nothing less than brilliant care

Why HadiCare?

We know how much your loved one means to you.

They deserve nothing less than Brilliant care, so they can stay living in their own home as independently as possible, as comfortably as possible. It’s why we offer support and care tailored to everyone’s unique individual needs and why we only employ carers who can show they’re capable of caregiving that meets our exacting HadiCare standards.

There’s so much more to brilliant care than ticking boxes, being punctual and polite. It’s a point of pride for our people that they enjoy going above and beyond for our clients.

It’s why we promise to care for people as brilliantly as we would anyone in our own family. It’s our HadiCare way. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our promises to you

Brilliant Care Professionals

We only work with brilliant people

All our carers have the thumbs up from our ‘Mum and Dad’ evolution.

Truly personalised home care services

Our brilliant carers will take steps to meet you needs so that your care is truly tailored to you.

From learning to use your specialist equipment, to speaking you language and understanding your beliefs, we are here for you.

Transparently honest about fees

That’s only fair we think

We don’t charge more for weekends or public holidays. How brilliant is that?

Heartfelt family values

We’re in tune with everyone we work with.

We aim to give brilliant care that’s fit for anyone in our own family. Nothing less.

Our Brilliant Values


We aim to make people feel happy about receiving brilliant care from us. And for our carers to feel happy working for our big family of Brilliant Care Professionals.


We have big responsibilities and we’re serious about being truly accountable to our clients, their families, our staff, our community and our regulators.


We are professionally dedicated to giving our clients brilliant care, so they can live their best life.


We strive to help people live as independently as they want to. And to enjoy the satisfaction of living independently in the comfort of their own home.

Our story

Our founder Mohammed Sadique worked over a decade in a variety of volunteering and social support roles across Leeds before specialising as a professional carer. His commitment to community service is at the heart of HadiCare’s purpose – helping people from all walks of life to enjoy living an independent life in their own homes, on their own terms.

We’ve quickly established ourselves as one of Leeds’ leading home care firms, with a growing team of outstanding Brilliant Care Professionals. Everyone who joins HadiCare is committed to making a brilliant difference for the people we care for. And we do this by living our Brilliant Values every day.

Our Partners

HadiCare are committed to giving Brilliant Care.