Live-in Care

Live-in care allows you to have a Brilliant Care Professional live with you in your own home. They can be available round-the-clock, meaning you spend less time planning your care, and more time focussing on what matters to you, with your tailored care and support available whenever you need it.

We offer you the opportunity to handpick your Brilliant Care Professional. HadiCare carefully selects Brilliant Carers for every client, so we’ll be able to find experienced professionals just for you. It’s vital to find someone you get along with and can meet your needs, so we take time to support you through this process.

What’s Included?

There are no specific requirements to be eligible for live-in care, but it may suit someone who has advanced or complex care needs. You’ll have a team of hand-picked Brilliant Care Professionals who work on rotation in increments, for example your live-in carers will change over every fortnight, month, or every few months.

You may want to try live-in care even if you don’t have complex care needs. Many clients also have live-in care services to support them with companionship, or when returning home from a stay in hospital and having a Care Professional on-hand to help where required is reassuring and can help with the recovery process.

We’d love to discuss your needs and wishes and create a comprehensive picture of what your ideal care looks like.

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HadiCare has provided my mother-in-law with exceptional care ensuring her health and safety during night care was given and was kept a priority. With constant checks during the night to make sure she was well in bed and given the correct medicine throughout the night.


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